Canadian Besner Family of French Origins


The history of this family flows like a river. To compile it in an authentic way, we had to go back in time from today's generation in North America to the source of our family in France and beyond. From 1585 to 1752 in Europe, and from 1752 to the present in North America.

Word of thanks

We especially thank Richard Besner, son of one of my cousin Lionel. Being President-General Director of a maintenance and computer repair enterprise and having at his disposal a Web server. He has graciously made room for the publication of this site. Since 2003, October 1st, his enterprise is owned by Optimal Robotics Services Group that continued harbouring us at same conditions until 2004, July 7. Since 2004, August 5, Richard pays personnally for the same service, while his sister Louise pays for the registering of the Domain's Name ''; and his husband, Michel Fyfe, provides technical support for the mainterance of this Website; three nice contributions to the life of the Association.

Thank you once again to the brother of the former (Richard), Laurent Besner, who accompanied me a few times during my research visits to the Québec National Archives, and for his relevant remarks and his encouragement to pursue this work. Furthermore, he went to the country of our ancestor of the Canadian Besners. With many French corespondents, some of whom came to Canada to meet me, these persons contributed to my knowledge as well as if I had gone to France myself.

Thank you also to Anne Besner-Johnston of Ottawa who devoted her time to the English translation of all this text for the benefit of those who are not francophone.


This work wants to honor all the Besners of this large family who live everywhere, but especially to the ancestor of French Canadian families who lived a humble and hidden existence. To have their names and, in many cases, their stories on this «Great Magic Canvass», this marvelous tool of technology and communication, will give them new fame.


"To look backward for a while is to refresh the eye, to restore it, and to render it more fit for its prime function of looking forward."

Margaret Fairless Barber

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The present logo of this site is the logo of the French Administrative region of Midi-Pyrénées, the land of origin of the Canadian Besners.


Hector Besner

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