Canadian Besner Family of French Origins


Repertory of Canadian Besners of French origins


A Bézanaire-Besner repertory

Most of the descendants of Jean Bézanaire and of Marie-Anne Gruzelin, can be collected in one repertory of the families under the name Besner.

I have toiled at gathering this repertory for the better part of my life, without the faintest idea that I have been successful. I know two other persons who are keen to the cause: Anne Besner Johnston of Ottawa and Denis Besner of Chateauguay, Québec.

After pooling our resources we would like to share our collected data on the Internet. If others are interested by this list, have corrections to suggest or have additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at the undersigned e-mail address.

The Repertory of the Besners of French origin as is seen actually on the internet, is already a very large tree, even if some leaves are still missing

With your collaboration, little by little we will be able to complete it. With this in mind, if you consider that the details concerning your family are incomplete or erroneous, do not hesitate to fill in and send us as many forms necessary in order to remedy the situation. Look at this registration formÉ

You may choose to ...

-print the form(s) found on the web page, fill it in and send it by mail to

Association des Familles Besner inc.

3047 rue Rolland,

Ste-Adèle Qué.

J08B 1C9

-or send the information in the same form and order by e-mail to


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