Canadian Besner Family of French Origins



The ancestor's parents' marriage (France 1730)

The Bézanère in France in 1998

Marriage of Marie-Anne-Gruzelin with Georges Bédel (1759)

Marriage of Jean Bézanaire with Marie-Anne Gruzelin (1760)

Birth and death of the second Jean Bézanaire's child (1762)

Jean Bézanaire's donation "inter vivos" to his son Jacques

The original lands of the canadian ancestor Jean Bézanaire

The French Canadian Besners' ancestor Death

Marriage of Jacques Bésanaire with Angélique Poirier

Death certificate of Jacques Besenert

The French Canadian Besners' expansion from the 3rd generation

Seigniorial system in Canada during the French regime

The clearing of the lands in Soulanges

French Canadian demography during 19th century

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